Friday, June 12, 2009

My First Time 'Yard Sale"-ing

For years I've always talked about wanting to "hit the yard sales", but it seemed like all we did was slowly drive by and say, "Don't see anything!" But after reading other blogs about some of the things being found at yard sales, thrift shops and "junking" . . . I knew this was something I had to get in on!

My mom is visiting from Michigan so I dragged her out with me today! Out of nine yard sales, we found some great bargains at four.

I found these little chairs for $1 each -- I'm going to use the red one in my dining room to set a plant on; the yellow one is going to go out in one of my flower beds. I thought my grandson, Liam, would enjoy the book of nursery rhymes. I'm hoping to find a white candle holder that I can use as a base under the little bowl. Garage Sale #1 Total: $3.00

The next stop I found this cute little shirt for my granddaughter, Harmonie. As I got ready to pay for the shirt, I noticed the cake stand and platter -- they just begged me to take them home! Garage Sale #2 Total: $5.00

The next stop I found this darling little white lamp with a yellow shade and pink gingham trim. The price tag indicated it was a "Pottery Barn Lamp". I just checked out the Pottery Barn Kids website -- looks like similar styled lamp bases sell for $49 and another $10 for the shades. The mirror is from Target and measures about 24" x 24" -- checked out Target's website and looks like mirror that size run $40 or more. I'm sure I'll end up painting the frame and hang it in our bedroom. Then there are the wooden trucks and cars --- my daughter loves toys like this for Liam. She avoids buying anything plastic if she can . . . so when I saw these in a bag marked $3 it was a "no-brainer". When I went to pay for everything I only had $10 in my pocket; I asked the gal running the sale if she'd take $10 and was told, "Ummmm, no . . . I really need the $12." Hey, still a pretty good deal in my opinion! Garage Sale #3 Total: $12

The last stop I found a lot of beautiful things. This gal had all kinds of antiques and even had some Jim Shore figurines -- for $40 I could have gotten this snowman (; but then this website sells it for the same price! But I did find the Tommy Hilfiger sweatshirt for Liam, the red and white striped top (with price tags still attached to the arm) for Izzy and a teacup and saucer. Garage Sale #4 Total: $11.25

So, you can see I made quite the haul for a mere $31.25!! With success like this, you can be sure I'll be back out there again!!! Just remembered -- this Sunday and Monday all "blue tagged" items are 50% off! Will definitely check that out as well!
Think I'll put my feet up for a while . . . it's been a busy day!

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  1. Looks like you found some real treasures! Garage sales are great on the budget! :)

  2. Look at you go, girl! You really hit the jackpot your first time out. Glad you got out there to see for yourself & now you're convinced too! I'll be having the party again on Monday.

  3. Thanks, Rhoda! I'll definitely be posting this post out on your "Thrifty Treasures" on Monday! That's why I went ahead and included it at the bottom of my post!

  4. Sounds like you're hooked on garage sales now! Didn't you find that it's great for getting things for the little ones? You scored big on that lamp! Love the cake plate and the little chairs. I bet that yellow one will look sweet in your garden!

  5. You should be hooked NOW! I love the chairs! Happy Thrifty Monday.

  6. You did get some good deals! Hey! You are learning fast, but be careful - it is addictive. :-)

  7. Oh girl! I want to go garage saling with you. You found some mighty fine bargains!! Love those little chairs and I'm always a sucker for tea cups. Sheesh...pretty good for your maiden voyage :0)

  8. Jackpot.....and on your first time out!! Isn't it so fun to come home with beautiful things for such a small price! I love the chairs, I have a couple myself. One I hung on the wall with a plant on it and the other is in my kitchen. The cake stand and platter are beautiful.

  9. Great finds! I love those chairs and also the cake stand and platter. Good Job! I'll bet you can't wait for next Saturday.

  10. Fabulous finds! You did really well for your first time out! I particularly love the platter and the cake stand. Now imagine if you had purchased all that in the retail stores. Yikes!

    Have a lovely week!


  11. What?! Wow! You really hit the garage sale jackpot! Great deals! :)

  12. wooooot, total score!!!
    That yellow platter and stand will look great with a coat of spray paint!!