Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A great little bag . . .

I decided to pull out my copy of Terry Atkinson's "Big Bags, Little Bags" and make this great little black and white tote/handbag. It was super easy to make -- took me about 3.5 hours start to finish. I did make some modifications to Terry's pattern. Here are two shots of the front and side of the bag. I stitched a tuck in each side to pull the the top of the purse in a little -- just so it didn't "gap" on the sides.

Then I added a little zippered pocket (featured on another bag in the book). I also love the handles on the bag ... the coordinating fabric sewn to the handles just gives it a little "designer touch" as Terry says.

I'm thinking of adding a little tab that goes from back to front with a magnetic closure just for a little added "security".
Terry's patterns are so quick, easy and FUN to make up. My next project will be the newer "Pockets to Go".
Have a great day!


  1. the print fabric.

  2. Picked up the black and white print fabric at an Amish quilt shop in Intercourse PA. I'm hoping to get back there when we go out to visit in the Fall.

  3. Very cute. So is the bag quilted?

  4. It's a quilt as you go .... layer your lining with fusible interfacing; then sew each strip on, flip and press. It goes quite fast . . . I'm going to be teaching it this Fall at the shop.