Saturday, March 20, 2010

How cute is this.....

Our granddaughter, Harmonie celebrated her 7th birthday in Florida with her Mom and Dad back in February. We didn't get to celebrate before she left.... so, she and her mom are coming over today so we can have a late celebration.

When I asked Mom what Harmonie wanted for her birthday, I was told -- "A bed for Molly" (her American Girl doll). Mom told me the beds were $80 at the American Girl store and that Toys 'r Us had a bunkbed set on their website but were sold out. I checked eBay and found a cute little unfinished pine single bed for $30 (shipping was an additional $15). I thought about getting it but then realized I'd still have to paint/stain it and then make bedding! Not gonna happen -- just don't have the time! So, I checked out the American Girl website and found that "Molly's" bed was only $58 and IT CAME WITH BEDDING! Not only a mattress, pillow and spread but a cute little throw pillow AND rug. How cute is this......

Then wanted to do something using my Cricut Expressions machine ..... I've seen these cute little name signs using adhesive backed vinyl . So I picked up a frame at IKEA for $10 and used a bit of fairy princess fabric I have set aside for a quilt for Harmonie. I cut her name out and added a little flower over the "i"..... I even added a little "bling" to the flower center with some "crystal" emblishments. So maybe for Christmas, I'll make both Harmonie and "Molly" matching quilts ..... may need to do a "slipcover" for Molly's headboard too!

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  1. That's so cute ;) I think this is a birthday Harmonie is going to remember forever!