Monday, August 3, 2009

We made it through the weekend . . .

My "busy weekend" is over and it's back to my normal routine! We had a great time with Harmonie on Saturday. We went and saw "G-Force" . . . Harmonie loved it and thought it was very funny! Papa and I agreed it was a cute movie, but definitely not one we'd rush out to buy when it comes out on DVD! After the movie we went to a local 50's-style diner and had dinner. Then on to Walmart to pick up hair accessories for Harmonie!

Saturday night, after Harmonie's bath, I braided her hair into about 20 little braids. She wanted it to be "wavy" when she woke up Sunday morning. When we took the braids out, it was definitely wavy, but not quite the overall effect we were looking for. . .

. . . so after a little water, blow drying it and then using the curling iron, we came up with a much better hairstyle! Harmonie loved it and couldn't wait to show it off to Mommy and Daddy when they picked her up in the afternoon!

So, now the weekend is over and I'm looking at my schedule for the week -- dentist appointment at 3:00 today, see my chiropractor three times this week, work on website updates for the quilt shop, I'm working at the quilt shop on Friday and in between I have about, oh lets see . . . seven quilts I need to get finished this week! Oh my, and here I thought I'd have a relaxing week.

I better get going and get some quilting done!



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